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  • Hi all

    One of the animation effects available in Powerpoint 2010 is 'Blink', but there doesn't seem to be an msoAnimEffect which corresponds to this.  Is there a way to add this effect programmatically, or do I have to write a much more involved macro to make a text box appear and disappear?


    Many thanks



    Sunday, October 23, 2011 12:58 PM


  • Hah! I solved it myself.

    The solution was to make a copy of the textbox, move it off the slide and set it to blink 'With previous' and 'repeat until the end of the slide'. Then, instead of trying to add a blinking effect to the original textbox, I just set its visibility to false and moved the blinking copy to the original's co-ordinates.

    To cancel the blinking effect, I set the copy's .top parameter to -75 and make the original visible again.



    If DigitsFlashing = Mode3 Then
      .Shapes("Mode 3 Digits Blinking").Top = -75
      .Shapes("Mode 3 Digits").Visible = True
      DigitsFlashing = NoDigits
      .Shapes("Mode 3 Digits").Visible = False
      .Shapes("Mode 3 Digits Blinking").Left = .Shapes("Mode 3 Digits").Left
      .Shapes("Mode 3 Digits Blinking").Top = .Shapes("Mode 3 Digits").Top
      DigitsFlashing = Mode3
    End If



    Monday, October 24, 2011 3:20 PM