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  • I downloaded and installed on an external 32 G OCZ Sata II SSD drive.  Smooth install and later I was able to add devices (those not recognized during the initial install) by pointing to Win 7 (64 Bit) directory.  The multiple OS booting option is neat.  I am also thrilled by the fact that only when the install DVD is in the drive it defaults to Win 8 boot loader otherwise letting the Win 7 boot loader take over.  This would mean I don't really have to uninstall, just reformat the external SSD - great!

    After the initial install, for some reason it did not shutdown cleanly and on restart it flashed a message "NT loader missing!".  The problem was overcome by going through a repair and then on having the DVD present in the drive during boot.  The shutdown process need to be more intuitive - I don't usually think of Ctrl+Alt+Del as a way to get the stop button - this needs to be present on the "metro" or "explorer".

    Initially thrilled to find a Stocks (Portfolio?) segment but soon to be disappointed - limit of 5 stocks, really?  Cannot input a comma separated list and not only that IBM, C, etc.. were accepted as a single stock symbol!  As the way it is not very useful.

    Off and on I have been presented with blank screens when accessing Live.com (Hotmail) and chat support window - don't know why.

    On the extreme left side if you click one can switch between active panels - I discovered this just by accident, why not pop up a button when one mouse over to the left?  Similarly, I get the time (clock) to show up at random, hasn't figured what actually causes it.

    To sum up, there are a great many new features.  It would be helpful if I can intuitively get to them and not have to "learn".  Particularly true when I stumbled to launch the basic note pad!  My way around has been to pin it to task bar once I got to note pad from explorer and clicking on a text file.

    Top on my wish list - getting a default option to switch between different installed OS on the fly.

    2nd on my list - A install that will scan through latest win version and use the settings so that one doesn't have to reinstall all those devices and applications.

    More to follow....


    Wednesday, November 16, 2011 6:00 PM