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    In an effort to abandon Crystal Reports we have developed a report using the Report Designer which is part of Visual Studio 2013. The report has a header and sections. Based on how many items is being reported on, it may have one to 6 sections. Each section represents the item and the data associated with the item. Each item is identified by a serial number.

    My question(s) is this... each section must appear on the report in the order they were entered and not sorted by serial number. I'm having trouble with this because each section or grid is separate from the others. Also, each section may have a varying number of lines in the grid as each item may have 5 to 15 separate lines of data which must be reported. The data query is 'ordered by' items as entered and not by serial number but the reports still sorts by serial number.

    The next issue is that as we know each page can only have so many lines before it starts to go to the next page. I need the 'master header' to display on the second page. The grids of data should also be printed complete. In other words, the page should not break in the middle of an item data grid. 

    I've looked at the sorting property of the grid but each item should be sorted by items as entered and since that's not a field how is this accomplished.

    Also, how can I tell the page to break even if it's not filling the first page but because additional data would result in a page break in the middle of a grid I want it to wait and print on the next page.

    And finally, what can I do to get the page header to print on the next page.

    If there is a resource I should reference to get this done please provide the link.

    Thanks for your time

    Thursday, August 27, 2015 12:31 PM