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  • I have been trying to work with Microsoft Translator to translate large pieces of text.

    However, I am running into some issues involving API limits, and I cannot find any documentation on the subject.

    1. It seems that some strings sent to Translate() or TranslateArray() are too large and return an error. What is the max size string that can be sent in a request?

    2. It seems that TranslateArray() only accepts a certain number of elements in the array? Or maybe a maximum size XML? What is the max size of the total TranslateArray() request?

    3. It seems if the text contains HTML which not well formed NULL is returned. Is this the case? It further seems that if the TranslateArray() XML request contains ill-formed HTML, all strings in the request are returned as NULL. Is this correct?

    4. On a more general level, if I have many text fragments to translate, which method is best used for going about that?


    Goldie Lesser

    Thursday, February 3, 2011 8:45 PM