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  • Hi there,

    I am developing with the new Beta for a few days. While there are some subtle bugs in it (I don't mind because they don't really hinder me and will get fixed with the RTM), I want to start a little discussion about what VS vNextNext really needs, since obviously Microsoft didn't implement it in vNext.

    Even though I am no full-blooded C# programmer, which means I am doing more C++11 development at the moment, I am still missing a lot of the coding convenience people get when using Java and Eclipse. Don't get me wrong, I despise Java and I at least dislike Eclipse for its crappy debugger.

    0) Maybe one gets used to it, while I like the new overall coloring (it is less distracting), I dislike the new symbols. I mean come on ^^. They don't reveal their functionality. For example the code comment icons (and a lot more) could as well be just some random noise. Please use symbol that really describe their functionality or make them bigger if necessary.

    1) A little wish is the error highlighter from eclipse, right next to the document scrollbar. I can't possibly imagine why it is not there in VS, since it is really helpful for navigation.

    2) Eclipse-like code outline. VS already supports it a little via solution explorer, where at file level you now also get a view of the classes and methods. Yeah, that's exactly the feature I want, just that it has to be in a separate window, like the solution explorer, and automatically adapt to the document I have currently open.

    3) But what we and Microsoft can't shut their eyes upon is its incredible reflection support. IntelliSense not really, it is rather annoying in Eclipse, Microsoft just got that right. But when you right-click something in C# and look at the reflection options you have there it is more like a joke isn't it?! I still have to roll out most refactorings myself and on large code bases this usually means I can't do them at all. Of course there tools like VB-Assists, Resharper and whatever but what all of them have in common is that they slow down VS, to a degree in which you can't work anymore, and they seem to have their hooks in everywhere, affecting functionality I don't want them to change (which can't be turned off in settings either). These vendors seem to not understand how to implement refactoring without annoying me. Refactoring is a on-demand feature, no need to annoy me all the time! So this is something that Microsoft should take seriously. Just do it the right way, as passive feature...

    Well these are my current disappointments with the new release, while I think it is going to be a great release after all. But then I also think that I will discover a lot more stuff that should be implemented rather soon than late, and maybe someone else also has some must-have features (from his point of view). Except for reflection, I was talking about rather simple features....

    Monday, March 5, 2012 8:43 AM