Is Biztalk or SSIS a good fit for this scenario - syncing orders via JSON between two systems both behind a web api RRS feed

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  • System A:
    A web application that allows users to upload or download order data.  Uploads go to System B, as they are loaded already in System A by another process.

    System B:
    A 3rd party web application that provides a web api interface.  When uploaded data in this application is changed, those changed records need to flow back to System A to update that side as well.

    In both systems, the data being exchanged is JSON.

    I am not experienced with BTS, but our company uses it in another area.  We currently run BTS 2010 with plans to update, but in time frame of this need.  Just given the fact that we are integrating two disconnected systems via http endpoints makes me think BTS might be a better option. 

    So in either case, System A uploads orders to B and if orders are changed in B, then system A needs to be given the updated information.  Also, neither side should call the other in a way the blocks the UI.  So when orders are uploaded to B, the system responds with an ID, but other identifiers are only assigned to that order after system B processes them which might take 10-15 min. Also, the volume of data going each way might be no more than 1 MB and more often only 200KB.

    Im also leaning toward SSIS for this.

    Thoughts on best approach?

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  • Benefits and costs, as always ...
    What do you expect to gain from BizTalk? And what is the cost of maintaining a BizTalk installation

    I really don't see SSIS used in the described scenario, SSIS is a nice option to transfer masterdata between systems and consolidate masterdata (large amount of data)

    We are using BizTalk to align a large number of different business document formats (edifact, xml, csv) into one uniform format (eg salesorder) but also for transforming and distributing documents from our ERP systems to a wide range of external partners
    Different interfaces such as FTP, SFTP, AS2, HTTP, VANS, Email makes BizTalk an excellent choice for us and the benefits exceeds the costs

    You might want to take a look at Azure BizTalk Services

    hth /Peter

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  • Agree with Peter. SSIS doesn't sound a good fit to integrate HTTP endpoints, although you can do it. If BizTalk is available along with BizTalk skills in your org, this should be a fairly simple project to handle.

    Thanks Arindam

    Monday, May 22, 2017 10:15 PM