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    For example

    sqlquery="Select abc From TableX";

    DataTable dt = ......

    So dt.TableName is TableX and dt[0].Columnname is abc.

    I have below linq. I couldnt get it as DataTable. So i couldnt learn TableName and ColumnName.

    What is the TableName and Column Names at below query if i get it as DataTable.

    I will use it at datagridstyle.mappingname and columnstyle.mappingname. I couldnt apply styles for my datagrid.

    I get below at datagrid1.datasource= .....; And i tried DataTable dt =(DataTable)DataGrid1.datasource. But it give me error.

    public List<ViewRotaTakip> TabloDoldur(string calisanID, string konumAdi)
                using (abcDataContext abcbaglanti = new abcDataContext(Properties.Settings.Default.abcConnectionString))
                    if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(konumAdi))
                        var tablo = (from u in abcbaglanti.vUYUretimRotaTakips
                                     join i in abcbaglanti.UYKonumIslemTurus on
                                     u.IslemTuruID equals i.IslemTuruID
                                     orderby u.Durum descending, u.PlanlananBitisTarihi ascending
                                     where ((i.KonumID == abcbaglanti.UYKonums.Single(q => q.KonumKoduAdi == konumAdi).KonumID) && ((u.RotaDurumu == 2) && (u.CalisanID == int.Parse(calisanID)) || u.RotaDurumu == 1 || u.RotaDurumu == 3 || u.RotaDurumu == 7))
                                     select new ViewRotaTakip
                                         OperasyonKodu = u.OperasyonuKodu,
                                         SiparisID = u.SiparisID.GetValueOrDefault(),
                                         IsEmriKodu = u.IsEmriKodu,
                                         Miktar = u.PlanlananGirdi.HasValue ? (decimal)u.PlanlananGirdi : u.UretimMiktari.GetValueOrDefault(),
                                         GerceklesenMiktar = u.GerceklesenCikti.GetValueOrDefault(),
                                         FireMiktar = u.Fire.GetValueOrDefault(),
                                         ToplamBitenFire = Convert.ToInt64(u.PlanlananGirdi.HasValue ? (decimal)u.PlanlananGirdi : u.UretimMiktari.GetValueOrDefault()).ToString() + " - " + u.GerceklesenCikti.GetValueOrDefault().ToString() + " - " + u.Fire.GetValueOrDefault().ToString(),
                                         UretimPlaniID = u.UretimPlaniID.GetValueOrDefault(),
                                         PlanlananBaslamaTarihi = u.PlanlananBaslamaTarihi.HasValue ? u.PlanlananBaslamaTarihi.Value : DateTime.Now,
                                         PlanlananBitisTarihi = u.PlanlananBaslamaTarihi.HasValue ? u.PlanlananBitisTarihi.Value : DateTime.Now,
                                         UrunKodu = u.UrunKodu,
                                         UrunAdi = u.Adi,
                                         UrunKoduAdi = u.UrunKoduAdi,
                                         UrunKategorisiID = (int)u.UrunKategorisiID,
                                        ........................                                 }).ToList<ViewRotaTakip>();

    Wednesday, December 11, 2013 2:08 PM


  • Hello,

    >>I have below linq. I couldnt get it as DataTable. So i couldnt learn TableName and ColumnName.

    Yes, we cannot get the result as DataTable directly. The result of linq query provided by you will be the List<ViewRotaTakip> type. Of course, it does not have the tablename and columnname.

    We need to create a function that will do the conversion from the List<T> type to datatable. One way is like below:

    var query = from c in db.something
                where c.othersomething == "onlyyouknow"
                orderby c.othersomething
                select new { NewObject = c.othersomething };
    DataTable MyDataTable = new DataTable();
        new DataColumn()
            DataType = System.Type.GetType("System.String"),//or other type
            ColumnName = "Name"      //or other column name
    foreach (var element in query)
        var row = MyDataTable.NewRow();
        row["Name"] = element.NewObject;

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