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  • MVC strengths

    1. TDD

    2. Separation of concerns. You can mix and match controller and views.

    3. Lightweight responses helps the pages load fast.

    4. URL Routing

    5. SEO friendly URLs

    6. Loosely coupled architecture possible.

    7. AOP supported

    8. JSON responses are well supported than in ASP.NET

    MVC Disadvantages

    1. Some learning curve compared to ASP.NET with new approach.

    2. Built in controls not available. Need to use HTML controls

    ASP.NET Advantages

    1. RAD easy compared to MVC 

    2. Built in controls available

    3. Best suited for desktop web applications. 

    4. Easy to port ASP applications

    Disadvantages of ASP.NET

    1. TDD not possible

    2. Separation of concern not supported as aspx file is bound to code behind.

    3. If you want to extend the functionality through mobile site, you have restrictions. In MVC, you can tailor the view for mobile app and reuse the controller.

    4. Not so SEO friendly urls

    I would say MVC is better in the long run than ASP.NET with acceptable tradeoffs

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