Any way to enable or disable a table/group filter at runtime? RRS feed

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    Hi, I've got a report that shows a bunch off inventory and the expenses associated with them above and beyond the purchase price.


    The default design of this report is to only show inventory that incurred expenses/repairs after it was purchased.  And that is no big deal to write...since the data can be filtered correctly in the stored procedure that retrieves the data.


    But what I'd like to do is get all applicable inventory items, even ones that didn't incur expenses, and then by default filter out the ones that didn't incur expenses, but if a user clicks on something on the report...say an interactive text will display all the other items.


    So my first Idea was to use an expression for the filter on the detail grouping.


    Basically IIF(expression,nothing,Fields!TotalCost.Value)    <=         0.00


    But I can't think of what expression I could do this, or if filtering after a report is rendered is even supported...I'm going to take a wild guess that it isn't.


    I thought of setting the visiblity to an expression, but even if the rows aren't visible they will still affect my totals in my group/table footers.




    I know I could just put something on the page that asks the user if they want to see the detail or not, and then pass in a parameter with the value true or false, and use that in my filter expression, but do to other limitations, i can't modify the UI for one report.  Only the .RDLC

    Friday, December 7, 2007 9:17 PM