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  • Hi there,

    I’ve been supplied with both the Sandbox and Production WSDLs but am having problems getting my code to compile using the production WSDLs.

    I’m trying to call the QueueReport method of the ReportingServiceClient but it seems to be generated differently in each.

    I’ve added Service References for both the Sandbox and Production environments to my VB project.

    In the Sandbox, it’s generated the method in the Reference.vb file as: 

            Public Function QueueReport(ByVal request As adCenter_ReportingService_Sandbox.QueueReportRequest) As adCenter_ReportingService_Sandbox.QueueReportResponse Implements adCenter_ReportingService_Sandbox.IReportingService.QueueReport

                Return MyBase.Channel.QueueReport(request)

            End Function

     In Production, it’s generated it as:

            Public Function QueueReport(ByVal ApplicationToken As adCenter_ReportingService.ApplicationToken, ByVal DeveloperToken As adCenter_ReportingService.DeveloperToken, ByVal UserCredentials As adCenter_ReportingService.UserCredentials, ByVal ReportRequest As adCenter_ReportingService.ReportRequest, <System.Runtime.InteropServices.OutAttribute()> ByRef ReportRequestId As String) As adCenter_ReportingService.ApiCallTrackingData

                Dim inValue As adCenter_ReportingService.QueueReportRequest = New adCenter_ReportingService.QueueReportRequest

                inValue.ApplicationToken = ApplicationToken

                inValue.DeveloperToken = DeveloperToken

                inValue.UserCredentials = UserCredentials

                inValue.ReportRequest = ReportRequest

                Dim retVal As adCenter_ReportingService.QueueReportResponse = CType(Me,adCenter_ReportingService.IReportingService).QueueReport(inValue)

                ReportRequestId = retVal.ReportRequestId

                Return retVal.ApiCallTrackingData

            End Function

    My code no longer compiles because different input and return parameters are specified between the two environments.

    In the Microsoft adCenter Reporting API Reference (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb671805(MSADS.51).aspx) the response for the QueueReport operation is specified as:

    A QueueReportResponse object that contains the response information for the service request.

    This is what’s being returned by the Sandbox but the Production version is returning an ApiCallTrackingData object.

    Is anyone able to advise? I’m not sure if there’s a problem with the production urls, or the sandbox and the online documentation?

    Many thanks,

    Wednesday, April 29, 2009 11:08 AM

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