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  • I am developing a USB function driver for TI platform.I developed the PDD and the dll loads
    successfully.The UFN_Init and UfnPdd_Init functions are getting loaded.
    But the serial cilent driver is not loading.I have made it the default client driver
    I have made serial_class as the client driver.
    I have selected the following catalog components
    Device Drivers/USB Function/serial.
    Core OS Services/USB Function Driver
    The registry settings I am using is
            "InterfaceType"=dword:0     ; Internal
            ; Priority of the Interrupt Service Thread
            ;Memory Ranges Used by the Driver. The First Range
            ; Points to the Physical base of USB Core Registers
            ; and the Second Points to the Mentor Graphics Core
            ; Registers
            ; Memory Range Sizes to be mapped by the Driver. This Key
            ; corresponds to the total size of memory to be Memory
            ; Mapped by the Driver for the above Memory Bases
            ; Physical Base Address of the DMA Buffers used by the Driver.
            ; Physical DMA Buffer Area Size
            ; Physical IRQ Number of USB on the ARM Core
            ; Bus IOCTL to be invoked at Startup
            "IClass"= multi_sz:"{E2BDC372-598F-4619-BC50-54B3F7848D35}=%b","{6F40791D-300E-44E4-BC38-E0E63CA8375C}=%b"
        ; USB Mass Storage Client Registry Settings
           ; As per the USB Mass Storage Spec, the Interface Sub Class
           ; points to 06 and InterfaceProtocol to 50
           ; Short Name of the Block Device Driver that is
           ; presented by the USB Mass Storage Class Driver to the
           ; Host.
           ; Friendly Name of the Class Driver
           "FriendlyName"="Mass Storage"
           ; Vendor Code of the Driver. Set to Texas Instruments
           "Manufacturer"="Texas Instruments"
           ; String Name of the Drive as seen by the Host.
           "Product"="Davinci EVM Generic Mass Storage"
        ; Selection of the Default USB Client Profile
        ; By Serial Class is enabled. If the user wishes to
        ; switch to Mass Storage profile, please comment the
        ; line "DefaultClientDriver"="Serial_Class"
        ; and uncomment the line "DefaultClientDriver"="Mass_Storage_Class"
           "DefaultClientDriver"=- ; erase previous default
        ;;   "DefaultClientDriver"="Mass_Storage_Class"
        ; USB Serial Client Registry Settings
           ; As per the Spec, InterfaceSubClass and
           ; Interfaceprotocol is set to default value of FF
           ; Name of the Ras connection used
           ; Dll for the Transport Service provider. We will
           ; use the unimodem.dll for our modem related commands.
           ; Device Prefix for the USB Serial profile
           ; Friendly Name for the USB Serial connection
           "FriendlyName"="USB Cable:"
           ; Device Index for the Device to be created.
           ; Note that on DVEVM the initial Device Indices such as
           ; COM0, COM1 are reserved for the UART Serial Ports.
           ; Vendor ID for the USB Serial profile.
           ; Set to Texas Instruments USB Vendor ID
           ; String Description of the Vendor
           "Manufacturer"="Texas Instruments"
           ; Product ID for the USB Serial Profile
           ; String description for the Product
           "Product"="Davinci Generic Serial"
        ; RAS and COMM Settings for USB Serial Client
           "DisplayName"="USB Driver"
            ; Intentionally left blank as a placeholder.
        ; ActiveSync USB Serial Reg Entry
        ; This creates the New Connectiod "USBDefault"
        ; Connectivity Registry Settings
        ; The registry settings related to ActiveSync connectivity are stored
        ; under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Comm registry key on the target device.
            ; Specifies the default connection used when the device is cradled.
            ; If this value is not set, the user must select a connection to use when cradling a device.
            "FriendlyName"="USB Cable:"
            "USBDefault"=multi_sz:"USB Cable:","115200"
            "FriendlyName"="USB Cable:"

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