Could locationCode help me, and how, to cut roads in country segments and region segments RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I just started working with the Bing Maps APIs.
    My need is:

    - to find the shortest distance between two locations,
    - to split this distance between countries  (most important)
    - to split this distance between regions  (somewhat less important)

    One of my typical test is the route   from Helsinki to Madrid .
    It is a good test because it involves 7 countries (large and small) and more than 20 regions (adminRegion).
    It happens that the warning fields are often insufficient to detect even the crossing of some country borders.
    For adminRegion changes, very often some are not indicated in any warning fields.
    Also, very often, one long road segment crosses many regions and leads to several warning in the same  ItineraryItem, without more information.

    I had little hope that the data returned by the  Routes  API  could solve my problem.
    But I just observed that I could remove ambiguities by looking at the LocationCode.
    (for example, the first character of the code changes when there is a country change.

    Therefore my questions:

    • Could I make use of the  LocationCode   to get more precise information about country changes and eventually region changes?
    • How can I interpret the LocationCode? (I only found indications that this might require a subscription, but nothing more)
    • Would it eventually be possible to split distances on the basis?
    • Would there be other information returned from the Routes API that could help me?

    Thanks for your suggestions,



    I could not find more than the information below about the locationCode field.
    I could not find what kind of subscription it relates to, and what kind of information I could expect.

    A collection of traffic location codes. This field is provided when you set the includeLocationCodes parameter to true in the request. These codes associate an incident with pre-defined road segments. A subscription is typically required to be able to interpret these codes for a geographical area or country.

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