Userform to display varying size sets of data RRS feed

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  • Evening all

    I have a worksheet which thanks to Subodh Tiwari generates a series of random questions from several worksheets of questions based on 3 criteria "Age range" selected from dropdown in Cell B1, "AnswerType" selected from dropdown in Cell D1, and "Number of Questions" added to cell F1. The generated questions, answers and marks for each question are then displayed in columns A4 to C(This number is based on the number of questions).

    I am trying to pretty the look of the worksheet by having the generated questions display on a Userform, but I am stuck as to how to display these in the best way. The Userform currently has 2 Combobox's to select the "Age Range" and Answer Type" as well as a text box to input the "number of questions. The Commandbutton "Generate", runs Subodh's code which generates the questions, at present these are displayed from cells A4 to C(number based on number of questions" on worksheet "Quiz".

    Any Ideas?



    Tuesday, February 12, 2019 7:48 PM