SSIS package problem.


  • I am working with a SSIS package that I need to add a new column to. I started off by adding the new column to the SQL manager. Then I made sure that the column was on the report produced by the SQL manager by running a few queries. Next I went to the SSIS package and walked through the Data Flow process. I made sure that the OLE DB Source recongize the new column and that the check box was checked. Then I moved to the Data Converison and the check the box for the new column. Next I went to the Excel Destination and tried to map the new column but it is no where to be found in the available destination column. It is in the available input column so the package is picking it up but it won't let it map. I went to the excel output file and added the column to the excel sheet to see if that helped and it did not. I did some testing and I did get the column to appear when I modified the excel sheet but it only appeared when I delete one of the old columns in the sheet. The excel sheet has 27 columns and with my new addition it makes the total 28. When I made my modification to the sheet and deleted the old column it worked so I tried to added the deleted column to the end of the report and it didn't appear in the SSIS package Available Destination Columns.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get all 28 columns to appear? Does SSIS package have a setting for the number of columns it outputs to?
    Tuesday, September 24, 2013 7:55 PM