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    We are looking into using Azure AD as part of our applications.  However, I am a little bit confused with is available and how to configure/implement it.  From reading online, I read ACS will eventually be replaced by AAD, is that correct?  So, if I want to start using Azure as a IdP, I should go with AAD and not ACS?

    We have 2 MVC 4 applications and a Web API application running at different locations.  We have requirements to use SMAL and single sign-on/out.  If the user logs-in to one of our MVC applications, I know the user would automatically log in to the other MVC application.  What if the user needs to access the Web API service that will be running on different sets of servers?  Do I simply pass the SAML token? And how would I configure the Web API service to validate the token? (I found an article using JWT, can that be used for SAML?)

    How do I configure Azure AD?

    Currently, I have a Azure Active Directory setup with 2 web apps and 1 native app configured with that AD.  What else do I need to configure? And what SDK should I use with my mvc/web api apps?

    Thank you!!

    Tuesday, August 13, 2013 6:10 PM