Application using Exchange account: looking for the best technology for its needs (Ews/addins/Interop) RRS feed

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  • In the purpose of building my own app containing an email module, I'm trying to find out which technology I should use:

    The app needs

    ->to access several mailboxes (imagine a ruban on top, where a list of pre-configured account, just a click and the app is connected to the correct email account)

    ->to access extended properties, search folders of the user (and search folders only, I want to restrict permissions for users so they can't use "regular" folders but search folders only)

    ->to handle the functionnalities of a regular email client (emails received, contacts, sending email, email viewer etc)

    -> ..

    I investigated quite a lot EWS API which could be the solution, but I would have to impletement almost everything from scratch (like the email viewer for example)

    I tried Open source email clients (like Thunderbird using Imap, or Evolution), Outlook addins, Interop.Outlook and Interop.OutlookViewCtl technologies.. I thought this last one would be the perfect solution, but there are several problems (like the multiple account feature plus the fact that this component is really connected with Outlook and freezes a lot)

    Anyway, this question is quite vague and I'm not sure I gave enough information but I would like to have some advice on which technologies could fit the best my needs.

    Even if you don't have a full answer, your opinion would be really appreciated

    Thank you

    Friday, March 18, 2011 5:07 PM