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  • Hello, we have a SaaS application developed in PHP/Javascript/MySQL.

    We are considering the development of a Windows, web-accessible, server-based version. Our customers are exclusively using Windows and want to connect their internal systems with our application and prefer to do so with apps on their premises instead of the cloud.

    Since we know what the app looks like and how it functions, it is a matter to either develop from scratch or attempt to port. I am not that keen on porting, it often becomes a greater pain than starting clean.

    I have been living outside the MS tool suite the last 5 years, I wonder if there are any recommendations as the best tool mix for fast, robust, good performance product development environment (for a server-based web-app).


    Tuesday, April 29, 2014 2:24 AM

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  • The decision to port or to start from scratch depends a little bit of your current implementation, the type of your application and the size. Can you please describe what your web application is doing? 

    1. So, if you have an application that is working, why not hosting on windows system if requested? If you want to write apps, you can extend your application with some web services that work on top of your application/data. You can consume these services in the apps or other clients (e.g. Desktop clients). The existing part of application must not be changed. So a minimum of effort is needed. Maybe you have to find a way to connect authentication to a Windows domain within PHP. 

    2. What do you mean with port the application? Is that only the web front end you want to port, keeping the database layer? Or do you want to port database and web application, what is in my opinion the same as build it new from scratch? How is your application structured (layers etc.)? What do you want to reuse?

    3. In my company, we decided to build our main products new from the scratch. We have a lot of years of experience with the domain, the customers and we know what we want to have. Our old software is at the end of the life cycle, and so we decided to build it new. Windows-based. Web-based. So we go for the Microsoft web stack: MSSQL, WebAPI for backend services and ASP.NET MVC for the web front end. So we can write another e.g. Desktop client or apps, that use the WebAPI services as the backend. We can integrate federated security as well as Windows Authentication (using Kerberos in a Windows domain). We have further the possibility to write apps (e.g. with Xamarin, Phonegap or .Net for Windows Phone) using all the benefits. Microsoft shows, that WebAPI and ASP.NET MVC are very fast and reliable.

    But as mentioned above, that all depends on your existing application, the requirements and your budget! :)

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

    Monday, May 19, 2014 2:28 PM