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  • Sorry to bring up an old thread from the dead, but I'm noticing some slow startup times too using VSTO2SE.  (I'm using SE because I want to target both office 2003 and 2007 with the same codebase)  I'm not too concerned about my startup time, but in fact, the mere presence of the VSTO addin is preventing users from doing ANY work in the office application during that time.  Is there any way to async start the VSTO addin?

    Background:  VSTO2SE addin created in Visual Studio 2008 - targeting Excel 2003.
    To reproduce, create a simple addin targeting Excel 2003 and add a mbox command to the startup event. 
    compile and start excel.
    Cold startup takes about 18 seconds on my machine (excel 2003) - during that cold startup time, excel is unresponsive.  (This is MY problem - i don't care how long it takes to spool up CLR, etc, but the fact that Excel is UNRESPONSIVE for 18 seconds is unacceptable).

    [QUESTION]Is there ANY way to get around the unresponsiveness during that startup time?[/QUESTION]

    I've tried NGEN'ing the assembly, also tried loading the addin in office 2007 on winxp.  The office 2007 test was inconclusive - some loaded fast on cold startup, others didn't.  NGEN made no difference. Office 2003 was always slow, NGEN or not - the native assembly logger tells me it is because the assembly is not loaded in the default appdomain.

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