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  • Folks,  we have an key product add-on VB6-based application that I have been maintaining on a Windows 2000 machine where I have VS98 installed.   This machine was replaced and updated with a dual boot to Windows 2008 with VS2010 installed. It still has my extensive product batch building for all the projects now under VS2010 for over 50 or so projects.  For the VB6 app, I can no longer do a batch build (vb6.exe /make) as its issues some "Working Model Edition" error. 

    I need or would like to do a minimum VB6 install and/or copying of files, registry prepare, to at least the VC6.exe /make to work.   This VB6 applet is an extensive reporting tool and we don't further develop it, its being redone under VS2010 vb.net  (abeit slowly) but "bug" reports do crop up (like this week) so we still need to maintain it.   Currently I have to reboot under Windows 2000 for this limited work, but it would nice to able to continue compiling with VB6 /make under my newer Window2008 setup.

    Any tips or steps available to do this?


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    Thursday, May 10, 2012 4:48 AM