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  • In the US, if your boss was angry at you for not doing something the right way, or any other reason, and amidst the conversation he says "f*** you". Another employee hears this while you're talking. Please state if each of the following statements are true or false:
    1- Your boss does not respect you, if he did, he would never say this no matter how angry he is.
    2- Your boss is not a respectable man himself, or he would have never used this word in a business argument, even if he DOES think that you're a stupid developer!
    3- If you did NOT talk back to your boss and tell him to not talk to you this way, the employee will think that you're a wimp, and will start not respecting you himself.
    4- This happens all the time at any company in the US.
    5- This is completely a personal issue, some people would accept it, some people won't has nothing to do with respect whatsoever.
    Thank you,
    Tuesday, August 2, 2005 9:08 AM


  • 1) false -- some people curse at lots of people. Woe to those that are demoted.
    2) true
    3) true, but you may be fired
    4) false
    5) false. But you have not given any context with which to judge the situation. Why was the person so angry? Or perhaps the boss was not angry, and uses that word in every sentence?

    In general, I see people becoming less civilized in offices over the years. Maybe I am wrong. But I thought people had more respect for one another in the past. Common courtesy, politeness, seems to be more common in older generations. For example, a Microsoft blogger recently mentioned they would have to remove curse words from comments in source code before it could be released. At one time, this was considered unacceptable, and would never happen.
    Tuesday, August 2, 2005 5:04 PM