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  • Hi,

    The speech recognition engine takes at least one grammar to be loaded at start up.

    Is it possible to unload the existing grammar file and load a new file without stopping and restarting the engine.

    sre = new SpeechRecognitionEngine();
    doc = new SrgsDocument(_grammarFilePath);
    sre.LoadGrammar(new Grammar(doc));

    I have a requirement to change the grammar file at run time (through a button click/drop down).

    Can anyone please help in this regard.



    Friday, April 12, 2013 10:14 AM


  • Hi Bharat,


    var myGrammar = new Grammar(doc);


    If you want unload all grammars you can use the UnloadAllGrammars Method.

    Sometime the switch of grammars require minutes! In order to improve the time switch (couple of seconds instead of minutes) please consider this snippet extracted from this URL

    recognizer.RecognizerUpdateReached +=
           delegate(object s, RecognizerUpdateReachedEventArgs args) {
               GrammarRequest request = args.UserToken as GrammarRequest; //cast and check if incoming type is a request
               if (request != null) { // We know this is a Grammar request now
                   if (request.Grammar == null)
                       throw new ArgumentException("Invalid grammar used.");
               switch (request.RequestType) {
                   case GrammarRequestType.LoadGrammar:
                   case GrammarRequestType.UnloadGrammar:
                       UpdateGrammarTree(_grammarTreeView, _recognizer);

    In nutshell, when the SpeechRecognitionEngine is running, the changes of a grammar need to occur when the engine is ready for the changes.

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