addressing the lpt1 port in windows 7-10 32 bit RRS feed

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  • My Clients who are running 16 bit applications in windows 32 bit that need to address the lpt1 (parallel) port are finding the port unresponsive at times and are unable to send the print job. This began after a windows update in late 2014 and has continued to date. It has been reported to microsoft numerous times This can happen with reboot of the computer or if there is a windows software update

    Every official microsoft response has been to advise to change the driver and see if the problem goes away Unfortunately it is not a driver problem it is a port problem 


    . It has nothing to do with the printer or printer driver installed.

    It is a relatively easy problem to fix - go to control panel and system hardware and change any of the properties of the port save the change and it wakes up and works  but these steps are complex and frustrating for my clients to manage

    I have tried to automate this process by deleting the LPT1 port and reinstalling the port with a program. It does delete the port and then reinstall but the port does not wake up 

    Is there any interest at microsoft of fixing this problem 

    Is there a way to programmatically change the lpt1 port properties that does not involve regedit or directly addressing the ports database??

    We cannot change to usb ports and I imagine serial ports would have the same problem 

    any help would be appreciated 


    Wednesday, December 14, 2016 2:15 AM