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    I just figure (one) has to have a good pc/computer set-up, ie: security software, does self scheduled pc/computer security scan's, does security update's, creates restore 'points', does disk-cleanup, disk defrag, misc/etc little thing's that can if minimal - keep pc/computer 'cool'. Has a good processor, re: Task Manager - bottom left hand corner - number of processes running, ie: 20 kid's to 1 single parent - if one has, say, less than a quad core processor, merely for example. Thus, then, if so, the quad core like: telling processes, "Run, don't run, I don't care, just as long as ya don't slow me down. Plus it helps, say, if one's online internet speed is fast too, ie: Time Warner's Road Runner - 50 mb for $190/mo; Verizon has or had - 50 mb for $150/mo. Pc/computer fast 'clock speed' and fast online internet speed, though are individual and work together, hand in hand, hence, playing nice with each other, over all, having a nice system. But in general practicing little thing's amidst being online and maintaining < that's key, if one wants a nice system. One has to keep up, ie: daily or otherwise - routine, if one's system is to stay 'cool'. And I can only say that it is best, if one a) does not want (online back - up service) and instead wants to keep their stuff unto themselves, ie: a external back - up drive, to first close door unto internet/web, providing, if one's system is clean, cool are working great at any given time, to then (being off line) AND with firewall, misc port's, misc secure and guarded well, to then plug in one's external back - up drive, do their (?) occasional or otherwise scheduled (personal) back - up (per whatever one's personal reason's, misc), and stay off line while one does their back - up. Then once done/completed, unplug their external back - up drive, ie: when done using something, a light, vacuum, misc turn it off, unplug it, (here) re: external back - up drive, then, be it that one's external back - up drive is secured, one can then go back online. One can not contaminate that which is not plugged in. Hence, if one's external back - up drive is not plugged in, then one is cool. But hey, what do I know, right? Anyway, take care. -
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    Monday, January 2, 2012 3:10 AM

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