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    I am facing one proble with DataAdapter.
    Problem is I have multiple rows in my DataTable and i am going to save it.

    I have set DataAdapter 's 'ContinueUpdateOnError' property to true

    so that i can continue on to next row.

    I have 6 rows and i get some check constraint error from  DataBase on my 4th row.

    and i have called whole operation through .Net TransactionScope Class.
    because of error i will call Dispose   method of TransactionScope Object.
    so actually no row will be saved.

    but what happened , the next 2 rows after 4th row , that is 5th and 6th rows got saved in DataBase !!!!!!! ????????????

    strange .........


    if you have some  idea reply me.

    Thank you.
    you can see my code

    DataAdapter daWOStdVal = new DataAdapter();

    daWOStdVal.ContinueUpdateOnError = true;

    daWOStdVal.RowUpdated += new SqlRowUpdatedEventHandler(OnWOStdValRowChng);




    Gaurav Teli

    Thursday, March 4, 2010 9:21 AM


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