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  • Hello everyone,

    The Open XML SDK team now provides more sample code using the V2 SDK on the Microsoft Connect site: https://connect.microsoft.com/content/contentlist.aspx?ContentTypeID=1&SiteID=589. You may learn how to write effective code using the SDK from those examples. What you need to do is just log in to the connect site with your Live ID and add "Open XML SDK" to your dashboard.

    The SDK team is collecting user feedback so that we could better understand your requirement and provide higher quality product.  You could help us by filling out a survey on the Connect site: https://connect.microsoft.com/Survey/Survey.aspx?SurveyID=7272&SiteID=589. Your scenarios or questions could become the topics of our further sample code and HOWTO articles.

    The following is a list of the sample code topics:

    • How to create a "helloworld" Wordprocessing document
    • How to change the filling color of an oval shape in a Wordprocessing document
    • How to count the worksheets number in a Spreadsheet document
    • How to clear a cell's content in a Spreadsheet document
    • How to get all the paragraphs in the first section of a Wordprocessing document
    • How to retrieve the text string in the first paragraph of a Wordprocessing document
    • How to clear the direct format of a paragraph in a Wordprocessing document
    • How to replace an existing image in a Presentation document with another image file
    • How to set the paragraph formatting, such as indentation, spacing between lines, before lines, left chars, etc
    • How to set run formatting, such as bold, text color, underline, etc.
    • How to get all external hyperlinks' url string in a Wordprocessing document
    • How to set the font of the text in a Presentation document
    • How to retrieve text in the text content control of a Wordprocessing document
    • How to retirve the text content in a specified custom xml block (CustomXmlBlock).
    • How to move a paragraph from one Wordprocessing document to the end of another
    • How to append a table in a Wordprocessing document from a data source

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