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  • This isn't so much a bug but a question/suggestion for future versions of Visual Studio. I've been using various versions of VS (I'm currently developing in VS2010 Ultimate on Windows 7 64bit) over a long period of time and one thing I've always wanted to do is to be able to save the contents of an entire DataSet inside of a file (either in CSV for easy Excel support or text format) straight from the DataSet Visualizer while in debug mode.

    In addition, it would be great to be able to do some other types of basic manipulation (e.g. being able to search through the table, easily highlight the entire table, so that the contents can be copied to buffer (it is currently possible to highlight individual fields and copy them to buffer by pressing ctrl + c but VS tends to freeze every time I do the same on the entire DataSet - a proper right click menu would work a lot better here), as well as being able to sort individual columns - another important feature that is sorely missed). If any of the aforementioned features, apart from field highlighting, already exist but were somehow overlooked by me, I would really like to hear how to access/enable them. Otherwise, I'm a little surprised that at least some of these features are not presented in a product that contains something as advanced as the Historical Debugger.

    At the very least, ability to dump the contents of a DataSet Visualizer into a file, without having to mess with the buffer, is a must (and shouldn't be too hard to implement) because as useful as it to be able to see all of the contents, making sure that something particular is actually present there is usually what is needed. And once the file is saved we could use other tools to archive and sort through them. I think that those who deal with large quantities of data, could really benefit from this addition.

    I'm aware that it is possible to write a routine that would save contents of a dataset to a file but this shouldn't really be the default way of doing things due to extra coding overhead and would not be very helpful during debugging anyway. And, as mentioned before, from my experience DataSet Visualizer tends to be unstable when an entire table is highlighted and copied using ctrl + a, ctrl + c shortcuts.

    So yeah, just a suggestion.

    Thank you!
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