[Urgent] How to remove a Windows Phone 8.0 app, when you can't see it from the dashboard? RRS feed

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  • Hi all this is an urgent question because we are currently losing valuable "feature spot" time from a third party provider.

    In short: We have launched our game Midnight Delivery, a universal 10 app, on the windows store.

    At a previous point, we tested a windows phone 8.0 package, but due to technical issues, we decided to remove the package again. After some time we released the game, but as a Windows Universal 10 app. As of today, one of my collegues told me that Midnight Delivery can be found on the Windows Phone 8.0 marketplace. I looked through the developer dashboard and i see no traces of any windows 8.0 packages.

    Question is, how do I remove the Windows Phone 8.0 app from the Windows Phone 8.0 marketplace without removing our universal 10 app? Additional question: I don't owe a Windows Phone 8.0, how can I see apps from the Windows Phone 8.0 marketplace from a home computer?

    Tuesday, February 23, 2016 1:33 PM