V4 USBmon bidi comm RRS feed

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  • I am developing a v4 printer driver for an IHV device and I am trying to implement bidi in order to receive status updates and queries. I have added the xml and js files from the USBmon sample and the WSD sample. I have also setup the debugger as in


    1. However I can't get the spoolsv.exe to debug this js at all when the printer driver is installed on any physical port (including print to file). The only way I can get it to debug is if the driver is on a Virtual USB port. Any reason why it would only function of a virtual port?

    2. When the js file debugs on the virtual usb the printerstream.write() method always trows an exception of 0x80070001 which I understand is a read/write issue that the js file does not control. Is there anyway to fix this to continue debugging?

    For your information: The bidi files have been added to the manifest.ini and .inf files and are included in the project. The Print driver works as a print to file printer and sends out the print data in my desired format. 

    As a last note all of the bidi files are as is from the WDK 8.1 however the Bidi Comm Schema Hierarchy contains all of the information I need.

    Thursday, March 5, 2015 8:30 PM