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    So my bosses want me use something called Mendix which bills itself as a very easy tool to use to build web applications very quickly, Mendix is a PAAS.  I must confess I prefer using Microsoft and Visual Studio but the two are not comparable.  Mendix has no code and it is all drag and drop and wizards.  Microsoft Visual Studio has visual designers which also have a drag and drop element but they help develop the scaffolding of your code.

    I have been away from web development and was wondering what are the best Microsoft tools for very rapid website development to rival Mendix.  I get the feeling there are all sorts of hidden gems which I'm not aware of.  I have been watching plenty of Pluralsight and I have started my own list.  I was hoping someone could review my list and make additions.

    1).  Entity Framework.   So I gather this started as an OO class to relational table mapper.  I have been stunned by Entity Framework version 6's (EF6) ability to do "code first" where one writes the classes first and then it will derive a database schema.  Moreover, it one changes the classes then it will writes the database change script for you.  Wow, very high productivity there!   So that's on the list.

    2)  Now that I have a middle tier of business objects and a persistence layer courtesy EF6 I now want a presentation layer.  I saw something in a video called Dynamic Data which allows basic but operational web forms very rapidly, so that looks like a candidate.  But then again I've seen something called LightSwitch which is like Microsoft Access in the web, so I'm now confused.  How do these relate to ASP.NET please?

    3)  Cloud based deployment.   So Mendix is a cloud based PAAS.  I guess Microsoft's equivalent is Azure but one needs to push (i.e. do a process) to publish to Azure I think.  Mendix is automatically persisted into the cloud, there is no concept of a project residing locally on the hard drive for Mendix (though one can run the web application off local web server); Mendix is already deployed in the cloud.

    So the background to this is Gartner Research reports that say firms should have a bimodal IT strategy where one mode is build very rapidly and the other mode is built it properly.   Mendix is RAD and thus the former.  Microsoft seems capable of both but there seem to be so many initiatives that I lose track.  That's why the question.

    So I'm happy for a Microsoft Evangelist to sell me their rapid web development tools.  Remember speed of development needs to match Mendix.

    Thanks in advance.




    Wednesday, November 4, 2015 6:47 PM


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