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    May somebody please tell me how does a program "folder lock" works ?
    How does it totally hide the folder from our view ?
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    Let me explain why I said it it totally disappear from our view.


    1. if you already hide the folder,
    when cannot found it even already view hidden file and system hidden in the folder option.


    2. if you already hide the folder,
    disappear at all from command prompt even using dir/a.


    3. if you put the folder u want to hide in another folder,
    for example, put the folder 'hidethis' in 'testdir',
    the folder 'hidethis' must have some file inside (which contribute file size),
    now view the size of 'testdir', example it show 300kb,
    after we hide the folder 'hidethis',
    we view the size of 'testdir' agian, and found that it become 0kb.


    So, that is what i mean how it is totally disappear from our view.

    How does it works ? please teach me.


    The only way can determine the folder exist there if you create a folder with the same name,
    and it cannot be created.


    Can some one teach me how it works ?


    teach me how does the folder structure in Windows, how they identify the linking between folder.

    Sunday, May 18, 2008 5:44 AM