Does Windbg connection Possible during OS Installation? RRS feed

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  • The thing I am trying is Installing Win 2008 R2 OS in the LUN. To access LUN we have an xxxhba.sys driver.

    xxxhba.sys driver is signed using sha2 algorithm. Since Win 2008 R2 doesn't support sha2, KB3033929 update is needed.

    Using DISM tool added KB3033929 and xxxhba.sys driver to boot.wim and install.wim file and made it as ISO.
    Now when I am doing OS installation on the LUN "windows loading screen" is seen indefinitely.

    I have to figure out what went wrong, so please someone answer the following question...

    1. Can I able to connect windbg to a machine where OS installation is in progress? If so please provide the steps...
    2. In a perfectly working case, xxxhba.sys (bootstart driver) during OS installation it will load and identifies the LUN, therfore OS installation can be carried out.
       But this is not happenning. xxxhba.sys signed using sha-1 gets suceeded in identifying LUN. xxxhba.sys signed using sha-2 gets failed. If signature is an issue, Tried ABO (Advanced Boot Options) Disable driver signature enfaorcement. This must skip signature issues inspite of sha-2 signed and must load xxxhba.sys, why this is not happening?
    3. can I able to set Disable driver signature enforcement option in OS offline image itself? Do some tool like that is there?
    4. Using DISM it's possible to add drivers and updates to an OS offline image, Likewise anyway possible to edit BCD, registry?
    5. Do able to 'set TESTSIGNING ON' to an os offline image?
    6. Does microsoft provides windows 2008 R2 OS with all KB updates included in an ISO image dvdto a customer if requested?

    Thanks in Advance,
    Tuesday, September 8, 2015 2:34 PM