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  • We tested on a server 2016 server and a server 2012 r2 with azure file sync.  We had issues with the registration and followed the instructions to use AzureRM 5.7.0.  We sucessfully registered them both but not much is happening with sync.  The files on the local file server at one time uploaded ok.  It was 4 test txt files.  After that, no other sync occurred back to the local file server.  If we made changed in SMB or even using StorageExplorer, nothing came back to the server.

    Is there a way to make the server force a sync or tell it to check more often?  Will it only check every 24 hours?  At this point the 2016 will not even sync any copy of the files over at all.  This product really feels like a Preview.  It has been in Preview forever.

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  • Hi,

    Have you had a look at the following article?

    "To detect changes to the Azure file share, Azure File Sync has a scheduled job called a change detection job. A change detection job enumerates every file in the file share, and then compares it to the sync version for that file. When the change detection job determines that files have changed, Azure File Sync initiates a sync session. The change detection job is initiated every 24 hours. Because the change detection job works by enumerating every file in the Azure file share, change detection takes longer in larger namespaces than in smaller namespaces. For large namespaces, it might take longer than once every 24 hours to determine which files have changed.

    Note, changes made to an Azure file share using REST does not update the SMB last modified time and will not be seen as a change by sync."

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  • I did see that but once a day is not great.  Any way to speed this up?  Maybe once an hour?  We have a share we need updated for a customer more often. 

    We see scheduled tasks called "ScrubbingScheduledTask" and "VssSyncScheduledTask".  Are those the ones?  They don't match the "change detection" job listed in the article.  Also, when I run those tasks manually, not much happens.  The folder I'm syncing has 5 .txt files in it with one video.  the video is 10mb and the rest or very tiny.

    I"m trying to get this to sync up more often.

    I guess I'm also confusing things up.  I'm trying to sync up data from a windows share into the Blob File Share Container and also access the data from that Blob through SMB or even Azure Storage Explorer.

    I'm noticing that items are not syncing up between them.  I do see that two servers running the actual Sync do seem to be updating each other live when changes are made.

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  • Hi,

    According to this it is as of now not possible to sync faster than once every 24 hours.

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