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  • My question / request is not about Windows 8 developer series, it is about the normal extant Windows 8 OS itself.

    This post which I've copy/pasted on the next line says that this question has been asked and answered before...

    I looked and followed 5 or 6 of the purported duplicate questions and did not find the answer.

    My boss put Windows 8 on my machine.

    Result was that I no longer have two screens. Only one works.

    Spent two days trying to find a software answer. There is no such answer. The hardware will not work with Windows 8.

    My understanding is that neither Dell, ATI, AMD, nor Microsoft have any plans to write a video driver for this card. (If such a driver exists, somebody please correct me)

    The closest answer that I have found is this message...

    But that is about Windows 7 going backwards to something prior. I want to go from 8 back to 7

    We have legal copies of both Windows 8 and Windows 7 here.

    I believe that I have the Windows.old subdirectory still on this disk drive.

    Request: please point me to the directions for reverting from Windows 8 back to Windows 7.

    Finding this knowledge will help to give me confidence about purchasing Windows 8 for my next computer.

    Thursday, April 11, 2013 2:14 PM