An extension of type 'ResumeStatusPersistenceParticipant' must be configured in order to run this workflow. RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I am try to persistence collection of read-write values along with Workflow instance. I am extending the PersistenceParticipant class and overriding the publish values and Collection values as given below.

        public class ResumeStatusPersistenceParticipant:PersistenceParticipant
            static XNamespace xNS = XNamespace.Get("http://schemas.microsoft.com/framework/samples/persistence/SqlStoreExtensibility");

            public String ResumeStatus { get; set; }
            protected override void PublishValues(IDictionary<XName, object> readWriteValues)
                var ResumeStatusValue = readWriteValues.Where(k => k.Key == ResumeStatusServiceBehavior.ResumeStatusName).ToArray();
                if (ResumeStatusValue.Length > 1)
                    throw new InvalidOperationException("Shouldn't be more than 1 ResumeStatus value");
                else if (ResumeStatusValue.Length == 1)
                    ResumeStatus = (string)ResumeStatusValue.First().Value;
            protected override void CollectValues(out IDictionary<XName, object> readWriteValues, out IDictionary<XName, object> writeOnlyValues)
                readWriteValues = new Dictionary<XName, object>();
                readWriteValues.Add(ResumeStatusServiceBehavior.ResumeStatusName, ResumeStatus);
                writeOnlyValues = null;

    and I don't know how to add

    An extension of type 'ResumeStatusPersistenceParticipant' must be configured in order to run this workflow.

    Is there any configuration settings that need to be don in order to run this workflow as this a workflow that I am invoking through WCF and I have added all the actives in Service2.xamlx file and I am creating an instance from my client app as a normal WCF service.

    Thursday, May 10, 2012 11:33 AM