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  • Hi,

    Despite I found some related answers to my question, but I have to say that they all are different from what I ran into.

    I've been using WebMatrix and a starterSite with the basic for authentication. I completed my application and it's been working very well on WebMatrix. No problem with _AppStart to access my database (.sdf). However, when I hooked everything upon the internet via my hosting provider, I ran into a database access problem, and all the pages where I have code related to access the database are not working. Though, when I disable this line of code: WebSecurity.InitializeDatabaseConnection from the AppStart and all lines of code in any other pages so that the website can run more or less properly.

    Would it be possible to solve that problem: set the parameters from the AppStart page? Or what to do?

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    Monday, February 27, 2012 6:53 PM

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