FILE.EXISTS not always finding file if path contains a comma RRS feed

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  • I have a .net aspx project done with VS 2008 using the .Net 2.xxxx framework. This ASPX application is deployed on and 4 different 2003 Server boxes. 3 are running in total beautifully. In the 4th box is my issue.
    I do a FILE.EXISTS conditional test looking for case file pdf's. These case numbers are structured as such
    Please note the comma's used in the path. 3 of the 4 servers in court houses recognize the path to the pdf WITH the commas in them perfectly and the FILE.EXISTS works 100%. On the fourth box (same config we THINK) the exact same FILE.EXISTS  does not return a hit even though we see the document sitting in the folder via explorer. IF we remove the commas and make it  2012-C-0421001008.pdf all is fine and document is indeed discovered with the EXISTS.
    WHY on this one server does the original ducument path not function. We can not ask the court houses to change the way they store their documents so I need to make this work like the other 3. Again... same version..same .net framework... same OS (2003 server)

    HELP ME .. please


    Saturday, July 21, 2012 8:34 PM

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