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  • I'm finishing some submissions using the 1.6 kit and am running into the following error when trying to create some of the submission packages.  Some seem to work and others fail, I've yet to find a common property that might be causing this.


    1. Select submission with passed tests ready to package

    2. right click on device in "Available Devices" area.

    3. Select "Create Submission Package..."

    4. Provide file location and name

    5. Process begins and upon reaching "importing results" it provides the following:

    Exception stack:
    ------------------------------ Level 0 ------------------------------

    Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    Target site: TraversalAction AfterVisitObject(Microsoft.DistributedAutomation.DataStoreObjectBase)
    Stack trace:
       at Microsoft.DistributedAutomation.Packager.SubmissionResultImport.AfterVisitObject(DataStoreObjectBase dataStoreObject)
       at Microsoft.DistributedAutomation.DeviceSelection.DataStoreObjectGraph.VisitNode(DataStoreObjectBase currentObject)
       at Microsoft.DistributedAutomation.DeviceSelection.DataStoreObjectGraph.Traverse(DataStoreObjectBase startObject)
       at Microsoft.DistributedAutomation.Packager.SubmissionCab.CreateCab()
       at Microsoft.DistributedAutomation.DeviceSelection.SelectionControl.CreateSubmissionCabThread()

    Thanks in Advance for any assistance.

    Friday, January 10, 2014 7:39 PM

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