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  • Hey guys, I am insanely a newb so sorry if I posted in the wrong forum. I currently have a table right now with a list of employees, managers, and other jobs. How would I able to get a list of all the employees who are older than their managers if their DOB is in YYYY-MM-DD form? This is really urgent and I really hope someone can help a newbie :(
    Wednesday, April 10, 2019 1:09 AM


  • There are quite a few things which would require confirmation so I'm assuming few facts here

    Assuming your DOB column is a datetime column and your employees have columns EmpID, EmpName,MgrID and DOB the query would look like this

    SELECT e.EmpName,e.DOB AS EMpDOB,m.EmpName AS MgrName,m.DOB AS MgrDOB
    FROM EmployeeTable e
    JOIN EmployeeTable m
    ON m.EmpID = e.MgrID
    WHERE m.DOB < e.DOB

    This will give you names of all employees with DOB later than (older) their managers

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    Wednesday, April 10, 2019 5:56 AM

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