Back to parent report via drillthrough event RRS feed

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  • Can someone tell me what im missing. I have one parameter setup to jump to the next report which works fine. The issue is when I hit the button call "back to parent report" on the report viewer itself, I get a error saying some missing parameters or cridentals are missing, How is that so?  Below I have my reportdatasource name and reportdatasource value. Is this a bug, or im doing something wrong, can someone assist me.  thanks in advance.


    case "Example.rdlc":

    DateTime DateTime = Convert.ToDateTime(report.OriginalParametersToDrillthrough[0].Values[0].ToString());

    genericDataSet.EnforceConstraints = false; = report.ReportEmbeddedResource;

    this.rDataSource.Name = "Datatable";

    this.rDataSource.Value = this.BindingSource.Filter = "TimeStamp = #" + DateTime + "#";

    this.rDataSource.Value = this.BindingSource;

    this.titleParameter = new ReportParameter("Title", this.BookTitle); ReportParameter[] { titleParameter });;;


    Thursday, November 11, 2010 4:31 PM