HCK NDIS Test 6.5 LWF Logo Test fails to execute on x64 machines due to unsigned NMPCL630.SYS test miniport driver RRS feed

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  • I have recently updated my WLK test-bed including the WLK QFE 0011 update.  Previously it was at QFE 0009.

    I see that <a href="file://\\\Tests\amd64\NDIS\NDISTest.Net\bin\miniport\">\\<wlk-controller>\Tests\amd64\NDIS\NDISTest.Net\bin\miniport\ now has a date stamp of 6/15/2014 which is newer than the last time I ran this test (back on 6/10/2014).

    I am now unable to pass the NDIS Test 6.5 LWF Logo Test because the install of the test Miniports complete without error in the test job but the miniports themselves are shown with yellow-bang in Device Manager and the test systems warn (after install) that the NMPCL630.SYS driver is not signed and therefore will not be loaded.

    Inspecting the binary itself shows that it does not have a code signature of any sort and thus does not appear to have a KMCS signature.   The System Event Log is filled with warnings from Kernel PnP noting that the miniport instances cannot start.

    So basically it seems that this driver is not signed and thus will not work on x64 systems.  This used to work.  It is now broken.   I cannot complete testing for a submission.

    By comparison the test LWF driver in NDIS Test 6.5 *is* code signed (with both SHA1 and SHA2 signature blocks).

    Is NMPCL630.SYS supposed to be code-signed and KMCS cross-signed?   (I think the answer is *yes*)

    Is the (new) .CAT catalog file busted somehow?   It does appear to have a signature from "Windows Kits Publisher"  (not WHQL).

    Is there a fix for this coming?  Like yesterday?


    Dave Cattley

    Dave Cattley

    Thursday, October 16, 2014 5:59 PM

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  • I can confirm that this was a bug introduced with QFE 11.  We have already identified and fixed this issue, we are now working on getting this released.  I unfortunately do not have any timeframe to share at this time.  If you are able to locate a previous install of QFE10, you should be able to workaround the issue, otherwise wait until our next QFE with the fix is released.


    Thursday, October 16, 2014 7:58 PM
  • Exactly how does one workaround this issue short of flattening your WLK controller?

    QFE's cannot be uninstalled.

    I have no way that I know of to download anything other that the 'latest' HCT kit which means I have to get QFE11.

    Is there some procedure to revert a QFE and backup that is not documented or obvious?

    Dave Cattley

    Friday, October 17, 2014 2:30 AM
  • I am also experiencing the same issue.

    Did you mange to find any workaround?



    Thursday, November 13, 2014 11:58 PM