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    Major bummer. It turns out Xamarin's suite doesn't generate XML WebServices like Visual Studio does. In Visual Studio you can tell it to not generate proxy classes in the "Reference.cs" file and instead use your native objects. For instance, if I have a method that returns a class call "Employees" and I have an assembly with an "Employees" class in the solution when I add the web reference it simply is marked as returning my own native "Employees" objects and not some silly proxy class nested deeply in the Reference.cs file.

    See the attached image captured from within Visual Studio ...

    Unfortunately this is a show stopper for us. It might be that we have to add our service references in Visual Studio and copy them into Xamarin products (assuming that could even work). This feature is what makes Web Services really powerful as you can serialize/deserialize to and from your true business objects on both sides of the conversation when talking to a web service.

    Sunday, February 17, 2013 5:33 PM

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  • User2093 posted

    Okay, I just did something astounding. I copied my Visual Studio full modern Service Reference over and added it to my Android Solution, it works, with some smart setup on the service under Android. Thus, I am using my Tiraggo Architecture C# objects on the server in the XML WebService and on the Android, the same exact C# objects serializing/deserializing back and forth. This is aweome, coding is so easy now.

    I'll do a blog post with a video in a day or so, this is ground breaking stuff, sorry, I'm a bit excited.

    Monday, February 18, 2013 2:42 AM
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    I'm glad you were able to get it to work by copying the generated files from VS, but it would be good if this were natively supported in MonoDevelop. I've filed an enhancement bug (#10442) to track the request.

    Tuesday, February 19, 2013 4:20 PM
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    See my post on this thread:


    I show how it all works, to be honest, I think I could write a code generation template on My2ndGenration to generate the full service. Thank you for filing that request, it would be awesome if you supported that type of Service Reference generation.

    Tuesday, February 19, 2013 4:46 PM
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    Hi Above link of yours is not working....

    Wednesday, February 12, 2014 10:45 AM
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    @BrewDawg , the link is not working. Can you check ? Thanks!

    Monday, March 23, 2015 4:22 AM