How to change the Com Send Timeout in Net Config?


  • Probably posted in the wrong place, but please help me.

    If I type "Net Config Workstation" in my command prompt, I see this:

    Computer name                        \\SI-N-1001000
    Full Computer name                   SI-N-1001000.sales.cardin.com
    User name                            jessica

    Workstation active on
            NetbiosSmb (000000000000)
            NetBT_Tcpip_{ED8CBC17-ED2C-4A19-B22B-64E54E584A37} (0013026FBA69)
            NetBT_Tcpip_{9E382C8F-C111-44F3-B138-CB189538554A} (0016D32514D7)

    Software version                     Windows 2002

    Workstation domain                  SALES
    Workstation Domain DNS Name          sales.cardin.com
    Logon domain                          SALES

    COM Open Timeout (sec)               0
    COM Send Count (byte)                16
    COM Send Timeout (msec)              250   <---- how to change this?
    The command completed successfully.

    How to change the COM Send Timeout(msec)??? Please help me.


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