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    Is there a way that I can enforce the REPORT LOCALE to not be empty OR is there a recommended way to set this on the server so as to remove the current need we have to EXPLICITLY set this on every report we create to NOT be en-US?

    I suspect this is because the SSRS server (?) perhaps is setup NOT to have its region settings set properly, or else the SSRS needs this set explicitly and this hasn't been done.

    The reason I ask is that 50%+ of our reports are FULL of explicit "Format/DateTimeFormat =>dd/mm/yyyy" stuff that causes issues for new developers ramping up and confusion for users occasionally and they often don't trust what they are looking at when they see a date like "4/5/2015" because they aren't sure which way around it is...

    Thoughts and advice appreciated.

    Wednesday, November 4, 2015 7:31 AM

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    Hello noJedi,

    I recommend you look at blow articles.

    Solution Design Considerations for Multi-Lingual or Global Deployments (Reporting Services)

    Changing Time Zones and Clock Settings on a Report Server.

    1. The report server language is the language of the operating system on which the report server is installed. This language is determined by the regional settings of the computer.

    2. The report server language is set when you create the report server database. If you use the Reporting Services Configuration tool to create the database, you specify the report server language when you run the Change Database Wizard.

    3. Data that appears within a report is determined by the actual data values within the database and by database server collation settings.

    With Regards,

    Krunal Parekh

    Wednesday, November 4, 2015 8:56 PM
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    Great thanks for that - I think the solutions are within those pages, however this is my setup:

    SQL/SSRS server <-- region set correctly, date/time formats set correctly... English (Australia) "d/MM/yyyy", HOWEVER -> if you go INTO SQL SSMS and RIGHT CLICK PROPERTIES and look at the "General page" its LANGUAGE states "English (United States)", its all greyed out tho... <-- I think this is where the issue is...

    Client browser/visual studio <-- region set correctly, date/time formats set correctly... English (Australia) "d/MM/yyyy"

    output still says "MM/d/yyyy"

    (NOTE: I found this info - https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-AU/library/ms190682.aspx - is this the recommended solution to this issue? - ie the comment at the bottom by David Lean ie: Brittish English in the "Advanced Page" - update: tried on test server, no change... *sad face*)

    Sunday, November 8, 2015 7:49 PM