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  • I am writing a Windows Store game for WinRT, and I want to allow the user to share their high score on Facebook.

    Now, if I use the Share Charm, then the user has to have People app configured with Facebook, and even given this, I could only share a link to the People app as far as I know. But I'd like to have a predefined message and maybe and image.

    And if I don't use the Share Charm, I'll have to use a custom control + FB API outside of Share Charm, which I believe is against Windows 8 development guidelines.

    I searched the Internet but have not found an authoritative answer: if I want to share to Facebook, should I write with People app in the share charm in mind, or is it okay to provide a custom "Share to Facebook" control based on Facebook C# API?

    Saturday, November 10, 2012 8:33 PM


  • Hi,

    to create the same experience throughout multiple apps it is recommended to use the share charm, but you can also create a "share to Facebook" in f.e. the app bar. Like I understand the guidelines you should only provide one way of doing it (either the share charm or through a functionality in your app).

    It is similar to the integration of a search functionality. You can use the search charm (the recommended way) or provide a search within your app, but you shouldn't do both.

    If that will pass the certification process is hard to say. That only people can answer who have done this before or the guys from Microsoft.

    I have spoken to some guys from Microsoft who say that this shouldn't be a problem, but they are not part of the certification team (and with that their opinion is not a definite answer). If you integrate a "Share to Facebook" and an official Facebook applications comes out I would recommend that you change it to use the share charm to give your users a similar experience like in other apps and to better integrate your app into Windows 8.

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