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  • It seems like every time there is an update to Visual Studio, it breaks horribly. I'm on Community Edition 2015 now and Update 1 was no different. After I applied it, several packages would fail to load. If I tried to open a Lightswitch project, many more packages would fail to load, it would tell me I don't have Lightswitch installed and my projects are incompatible, and then it would spit out a cryptic error and refuse to do anything else until killed from the Task Manager.

    I spent most of yesterday and part of today trying to repair it and deleting mystical configuration files that are scattered all over hidden places in the OS. I finally declared a mulligan and uninstalled Visual Studio as completely as I could. This process is, mercifully, better than it has been in the past. I would call it great or even good. But better than in the past.

    I reinstalled Visual Studio using an installer with Update 1 as part of the process. I got a few package load fails when I first started up. I followed the advice in this thread and stared it from the command line with various switches. This got rid of the package load fails, but I was still unable to open a Lightswitch project. It would tell me I'm missing a component, offer to install it, and then fail miserably and crash.

    Finally, I had the bright idea to reinstall Office Tools for Visual Studio from the Web Platform Installer. There was a Office Tools for Visual Studio Update 1 there so obviously it is needed in order to be compatible with Update 1 for Visual Studio. So why does Visual Studio fail to recognize this? Why doesn't it download and apply this as part of it's own Update 1? Why is this not mentioned anywhere (at least anywhere that I could easily find)?

    So that's it. End rant. Just thought I'd write this in case anyone else can't figure out why they suddenly can't load Lightswitch projects after an update. After you update Visual Studio, always run the Web Platform Installer to see what other things need to be updated that Visual Studio neglects to notify you about. Lesson learned.

    Wednesday, December 16, 2015 11:01 PM

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  • I had a similar experience, and find it equally disappointing. The push to separate VS into many little pieces and increase the update rates continues to cause compatibility and configuration problems for us users. I was much happier when updates took longer to arrive but the tools were more stable.

    I re-enabled Lightswitch after the VS 2015 Update 1 by testing to see if I could create a new Lightswitch project. Instead of the link to create a new project I found the link to install Lightswitch, and that took care of it.

    But that was AFTER I guessed that maybe Lightswitch projects needed to be upgraded, messed around with the source control, tried looking at the project files, etc. etc.


    Friday, December 18, 2015 12:29 PM