how do I port my software with multiple exes/dlls to use Metro UI


  • Hello everyone,

    We have a product wherein we have a desktop app which displays a UI and does some stuff in the background including talking to our Service over a named pipe. The service in turn talks to our kernel mode driver.

    I would like to convert the desktop app to a Metro app and put a tile on the Win8 panel.

    However, since metro apps cannot talk to the desktop app over pipe, I am wondering what choice do I have left?

    Even if I split my program into two - a metro app dealing with the UI part and a desktop app talking to the service over pipe - how do I communicate between these two parts? Looks like Metro apps have no IPC mechanism available to talk to other desktop apps.

    Any ideas are highly appreciated.

    Thanks and regards.

    Thursday, October 13, 2011 5:41 PM

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