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    Now i move the error level like http://www.mydomaine.com/_develop/domaaaine/login.aspx in this case (domaaaine instead of domaine) i got 

    The resource cannot be found.

    If you change login to loggin in http://www.mydomaine.com/_develop/domaine/login.aspx, it is ok. Because the resource is still in the same domaine. If you change the domaine to domaaaine, it will be wrong, because domaaaaine is not existed. In other word, it seems that we can store a file in a folder, we can't store the file when we give a wrong folder name.

    when i move the error at the heigher level like http://www.mydomaine.com/_devvvvelop/domaine/login.aspx i got (devvvelop instead of develop) server resource unavailable.

    It is similar to what I mentioned above, if you change _develop server to devvvvep server, devvvvep is not existed, server resource will be unavailable.

    hope it helps you,

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