App certification fails due to "ratings board" issue - why suddenly??!?!?! RRS feed

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  • I get this message in the "content compliance" section in the certification report:

    Notes from Testers:
    D:: Your submission includes markets which require a rating from a recognized ratings board. Please see for more information on the ratings boards for the Windows Store. For more information on obtaining a game rating certificate, please see:

    I've submitted for certification some similar apps with minor changes, and they passed certification, but suddenly the last app I submitted is not passing (I tried twice in a difference of month - in this month another app passed certification). A lot of my previous submissions passed.
    The apps are all made with same way, no difference regarding settings.

    In the second link (
    you can see the the build date of this page is: 12/12/2012
    so maybe it's a new requirement? but that's not make sense 'cause about ten of my apps passed certification since then.
    Maybe the tester got a bad day? It's seems arbitrary certification (I've already been rejected for no reasonable reason, made a new package and then it passed).

    Help please (and sorry for my mediocre English).
    Sunday, March 10, 2013 1:26 PM