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  • Dear Mike,

    I have asked this question in Technet Forums but i received no positive reply, so I am posting the question as you are the right person to answer.

    Can we expect a roll-up updated ISO for Windows 8.1 (multiple editions), as Enterprise and Pro VL editions is now replaced with new ISOs released on 10/17/2013, I am now wondering why the following Symbols and Debuy/Checked builds are newly released. i can smell we can expect the retail edition update too. Correct me if I am wrong.

    [code]Windows 8.1 Symbols Debug/Checked (x86) - (English)
    File Name: en_windows_8_1_symbols_debug_checked_x86_3104934.msi
    Languages: English
    SHA1: 2CE50FF91BD8180D88E1E048B2AF3F8D91D0B158

    Windows 8.1 Symbols Debug/Checked (x64) - (English)
    File Name: en_windows_8_1_symbols_debug_checked_x64_3104911.msi
    Languages: English
    SHA1: E7881A396CC2F62CEB260509CE3A5B5DD2C97086

    Windows 8.1 Symbols (x86) - (English)
    File Name: en_windows_8_1_symbols_x86_3104946.msi
    Languages: English
    SHA1: 0E4F16A201CAB8C5AC0BEFC9C48EAAA2EA31A553

    Windows 8.1 Symbols (x64) - (English)
    File Name: en_windows_8_1_symbols_x64_3104922.msi
    Languages: English
    SHA1: 99385FB528570886DFC2E02CF68D1978A4511103[/code]


    Thursday, October 24, 2013 5:54 PM


  • It doesn't sound like there are plans to update the multiple editions file Pratha.  Does this cause any problems for you?


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    Friday, October 25, 2013 6:22 PM