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  • Interoperability is a critical issue as technological forces – such as mobility, mixed environments, and web services – interact with the reality of a distributed workforce, return on IT investment, and always-on/always-connected expectations.  As a direct byproduct of the Internet's ubiquity, virtually every system and product has become interconnected in some way to many other systems and products. Therefore, interoperability between disparate systems has become a vital concern.

    Whether you are an individual, enterprise customer, a government IT professional, or in any one of the many thousands of different roles in the worldwide connected system, there is a remarkably consistent set of requirements surrounding interoperability. These requirements span economic, social, and technical areas: 

    ·               Freedom to choose best-of-breed tools based on functionality and business need

    ·               Control and ownership of data and the ability for that data to flow seamlessly from one business application to another

    ·               Improved efficiency and agility:  interoperability saves time in implementations and makes it easier to adapt to rapid changes in the business landscape

    ·               Increased choice by reducing the possibility of a single vendor lock-in for IT products and consulting services

    ·               The creation of a strong ecosystem that drives innovation and creates opportunity

    ·               Access to the latest technology for efficiency and new capabilities

    When these needs are satisfied by the marketplace, interoperability results in more choice, competition, and innovation.

    On this forum, moderators will address technical questions related to interoperability scenarios you may be encountering or planning for in your development. AND if your question can be more adequately answered and supported in another forum, we'll do our best to point you in the right direction.

    Thanks - Chris
    Wednesday, August 4, 2010 6:22 PM